1. Number of words or length of the project (video, audio)

2. Type of voiceover: promotional, explanatory, instructive, informative … If it is a corporate video or a telephone message, a spot, an elearning …

3. Do you have to fit to time codes or lip sync?

4. Diffusion: Will it be posted on the Internet and social networks? Will it be for internal use? Is it a national or regional spot? Duration of the campaign.

5. Rectifications. Any modification that the client needs and affects a change in tone, errors in the work by the announcer, background noise or poor sound quality is included in the initial budget. RECTIFICATIONS or ADDITIONS of text by the client are budgeted separately, which will have an additional cost of 30% of the total original budget if it is necessary to modify between 25% and 50% or less of the recording. Between 50% and 75% would be charged 50% on the initial budget.

6. Performance: if you have to interpret a character, you would have to add 25% on the initial budget.

7. Name of the company, institution or entity for which the video is made. If it is a multinational, it carries a charge of 40 euros more than the initial budget.

1.    Style guide: indication of the tone, rhythm, target audience, intention, etc.

2.    Deadline

3.    Audio format (example: WAV – 44,100 hz – 16 bit / mono)

4.    Sending mode (wetransfer, ftp, sendfiles …)

 If it is a voiceover of no more than 4000 words, in 12/24 hours I can record it and send it to you. For longer projects, I am fast and efficient with lead times and I comply with the deadlines strictly.

Yes, we have a bank of Spanish voices, both male and female, in case the project needs more than one voiceover.

Sure. We have voicoevers in several languages: English, French, or Italian. I also work with external collaborators from the rest of the languages.

Yes, we translate from English, French, German and Italian to Spanish.

Yes, as long as the project is profitable for me, there would be no problem. I usually go to Madrid and Barcelona for live sessions.